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googleadwordsGoogle AdWords

Have you tried AdWords in the past? Have you heard AdWords horror stories?

We’ll be the first to tell you that AdWords is tricky and creating profitable campaigns takes real skill and expertise.

With that said, Google AdWords remains one of the fastest and most efficient and ways to generate new targeted visitors, new leads, and ultimately new customers because people are actively searching for your service.

On average, our new client’s phone rings within 48 hours of deploying an AdWords campaign.

We are so confident we will generate desired results for your business using Google Adwords, that if after 10 days we don’t increase your phone leads with Adwords, we part as friends and you keep the newly optimized campaigns. Either way you win!

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Facebook Ads


Facebook advertising is quickly becoming the “talk of the town” in many industries, and the reason is simple, it works.

We will create ad campaigns that are only displayed to your ideal customer base, in other words, your ads will only appear to people that are 5x more likely to become a customer of your business.

If you’re interested — we will also create viral advertising campaigns. These campaigns are proven to get your phone ringing within hours of the ad going live. Your ad will be shared socially across multiple newsfeeds and timelines — FOR FREE. This method is completely above board and welcomed by Facebook, although you won’t see other service providers offering this specific service.

Yes, Help My Business Get More Leads


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