The Marketing Triangle

Human’s love things in sets of 3; 3 steps to a flatter stomach, the 3 pitfalls to avoid while on vacation, the top 3 summer hair styles, etc…
As a partner of a marketing training and consulting company, the power of “3” makes my life much easier when I’m explaining our process to a business owner. Inherently, the person I’m talking with feels more at ease because I say we use a 3 step approach and that’s something they can instantly relate to.

Aside from the benefit of easily explaining myself to a potential client, I am pre-conditioning them to buy more services from us. Think about it, TMT has 3 parts, that’s 3 separate fees we charge.

However, there is more than just getting our clients to pay us more; we also use TMT as a filter. At Black Diamond Marketing we only work with clients that buy multiple services, are rolled into monthly services and who want to scale their businesses with the newly found income. Those that balk at any of the previously stated services we kindly turn them away – we filter them out.

The reason we operate this way is because we’ve learned from our past mistakes. We are pretty good at what we do, but we aren’t magicians we can’t maximize results in a business overnight.

Plus saying no can lead to much bigger opportunities, it has for us.

Note: TMT is not a new concept but we haven’t seen anyone put it together like we have.

There are 3 things needed to maximize a marketing campaign. Notice I said maximize, a campaign can still earn money but without the #3 thing, money is being left on the table and a lot of it.

So let’s breakdown The Marketing Triangle:

  1. Traffic Generation – this is any paid traffic source, adwords, media buys, radio, print, tv and all of the rest. This also includes the “free” traffic sources, SEO, walk-ins, social media and all of the rest.
  2. Call to Action, (“CTA”), & Info Capture – according to recent studies only 3% – 5% of people actively searching for a product or service will buy today and that’s with a clear CTA. People I tell that stat to are blown away. The other 95% – 97% will just go away with a proper info capture mechanism.
  3. “Backend” Sales Funnel – we now have their email address, it’s time to build a relationship with these folks. We use an automated email sequence that’s designed to demonstrate our expertise by giving them valuable information. We move people through the funnel from lead to paying customer. Most people use the ol’ buy my service approach here and they couldn’t be more wrong.


I told you The Marketing Triangle was nothing new in its separate parts. But put together it turns into something very powerful from selling your services to getting results for your clients.

These 3 things need to be a part of every campaign you run especially if you are working for a business or company.

Our job is to maximize results and business owners need our help.

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